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Our trademark experts offer industry-specific techniques to support clients’ rights over trademarks, trade dresses, domain names, and other property. They have sufficient experience in trademark filing and maintenance.

Our client portfolio consists of various sectors including media and entertainment, food and beverages, IT and Software, fashion, etc.

Patent Service

RIG Trademark Agency provides hassle-free service of patent planning, filing, defense, and maintenance. When you deal with us, a complete patent search is undertaken and will include a legal opinion regarding how patentable your invention concept is. We have access to a significant network of independent registered patent attorneys who are highly skilled and experienced. Our agency has been providing the following services:

  • Patentability search
  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent invalidation
  • Patent assignment, licensing, and pledge recordation
  • Patent recordation of change of registration particulars
  • Patent administrative and civil litigations
  • Patent contract review and consultation
  • Patent management training


Designs are an invaluable feature to any company for their brand recognition. With plenty of copycats lurking around, it is important that you protect your design from them. By legally owning your brand design you can make sure no one else gets to misuse your brand aesthetics.

RIG Trademark Agency provides a complete solution to this. We will file, maintain and defend the legal ownership status of your brand design for you in the most secure way.

IP Investigation

We have exceptional and distinctive experience in conducting investigations on problems connected to the violation of intellectual property rights, particularly trademark rights in Nepal. 

The company represents clients that want to look into unauthorized usage of their intellectual property and offers various services relating to:

  • anti-counterfeiting investigation;
  • copyright infringement;
  • patent infringement;
  • unauthorized use of trademarks;
  • trade secret breaches;
  • data breaches & IP leaks;
  • product copying and brand imitation;
  • parallel trade investigation; and
  • IP due diligence.

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